Tuesday, March 31, 2009

why do we doubt ourselves so much?
second guessing our talents.

do you feel a yearning to paint and so you do, only to step away from the canvas and see garbage?

maybe you can't even get that far, maybe you doubt your abilities and what you have to offer so much that you figure you'll spare yourself the lost time and pain, and don't even pick up the brush.

are you a musician that thinks every song you try to write sounds a lot better in your head?

do the stories you try to tell find their conclusions somewhere further than you think your imagination can stretch.

we all have gifts and God loves them.

do you often think of writing a song, molding some clay, telling a tale and you get ahead of yourself and are convinced that no one would want to buy it, read it, hold it, want it?

we all create and God loves it.

think about children.
some of you have them, most of us were children at one point, some of us still are.
when you look at your refrigerator is it adorned with the pieces of art that the world finds most beautiful, or is it covered with what pleases you?

pictures of loved ones, inspiring quotes and more often than not...
children's art work.

it's up there because the child that created it poured their heart and soul into it, they believed that it was the most beautiful thing that they could create and they wanted to share it with the ones who love them unconditionally.


because that loved one, that parent, doesn't see the colors outside of the lines hanging from the fridge, or the singing of a song that isn't impeccable. that parent sees a work of heart so filled with love and passion that to them it is the most beautiful creation they've ever seen.

that's the gift that we have.
we have a father that loves us eternally and never stops being proud or in love with our creations and our beauty. after all, we were made in his image and he loves us, his creation without exception, so why shouldn't we do the same.

keep creating, create every day. make beauty out of every doubt that you have.

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